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North Highlands Skylight Installation and Replacement Experts

Snook Skylights are the skylight and sun tunnel installation and replacement eperts for North Highlands. With over 35 years of experience in home construction and skylights, we bring extensive expertise to skylight installations, and replacements for homes and commercial properties in North Highlands.

We are also proud to be a certified North Highlands 5-Star VELUX Skylight Installer. This designation indicates our commitment to your satisfaction. VELUX skylights are the #1 skylights in the industry, and offer extraordinary quality, clarity and durability. VELUX products, combined with our skylight installation and replacement expertise ensure that North Highlands clients receive the highest quality product, excellent customer service, and our a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

As the North Highlands skylight and sun tunnel experts, we’ll help you determine which style and product is best for your home. We go the extra mile for you, educating you about skylights and all of the options and features, like manual control rods, solar-powered ventilating, impact glazing, electric openers and insect screens.

Skylight Lit Living Room

Popular Types of Skylights for North Highlands

Skylight LIt Bedroom

Ventilating Skylights

Ventilating Skylights are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, providing excellent ventilation combined with excellent lighting.

Sacramento Skylight Installation In Living Room

Fixed Skylights

Fixed Skylights, which do not open, are ideal when you need light but not ventilation. These are a good choice for ceilings that are difficult to reach.

Skylight Lit Living Room

Tilt-Window Skylights

Tilt-Window Skylights are similar to ventilating skylights in that they open differently.

After Sun Tunnels Have Been Installed In Sacramento

Tubular Skylights

Tubular Skylights provide the benefits of skylights but via a tube installed from the ceiling to the roof.

Trust your skylight installations and replacements to Snooks Skylights. We’re your trusted skylight service provider in North Highlands. When you have skylights installed or replaced—any style and type—count on us for quick and professional skylight services.
Why Choose Snook Skylights
Certified VELUX 5-Star Installer

VELUX Certified
5-Star Installer

As the only certified VELUX 5-Star Installer In Sacramento we adhere to the highest certification standards and have knowledge and experience to assist customers on all VELUX products.

23+ Years

The Snook Skylights team comes from a roofing background but has Specialized in Skylights and sun tunnels for over 23 years. Our experience is simple unmatched when it comes to installing and replacing skylights.


The quality of work is always a focus and we work hard to do everything properly and to code. We do not cut corners, so you can rest assured that your skylights and sun tunnels will work for years to come and are covered under warranty

Personal Service

As a small Sacramento business we believe in unbeatable personal service. After you speak with one of our advisors you will have a written estimate and their direct line for questions.

Skylight Replacements for North Highlands Homes

Skylights are an excellent investment, for lighting, energy and your health. When your skylights break or malfunction, whatever the cause, we’re here to replace yours  quickly to avoid damage from leaking.

Sun Tunnel Lit Kitchen In Sacramento

Examples of problems where we recommend skylight replacement instead of repair include:

  • Storm Damage
  • Failing Seals
  • Fogging
  • Cracks
  • Ice Dams
  • Warping
  • Faulty Flashing

Our experience as skylight professionals, backed by years in the construction industry, enable us to quickly and professionally replace the skylight in your North Highlands home.

And when you call Snook Skylights to install and replace skylights in your North Highland home, be sure to learn how we can help you save money with potential tax credits and rebates.