Sacramento Sun Tunnel Installation

VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylight Installation in Sacramento

VELUX skylights are a leading brand of Sun Tunnel skylights in Sacramento. Snook Skylights are the top provider of VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylights installation in Sacramento homes and businesses.

Snook Skylights brings more than 35 years of home contracting experience to your VELUX skylight installation. We spent decades as expert roofing contractors before focusing exclusively on providing Sacramento skylight installation and replacement services. VELUX recognized our superior services with a special 5-Star VELUX Installer designation.

Our background in roofing, and dedication to excellence, means we have the experience and knowledge to give you the finest service possible. When you need Sun Tunnel Skylight installation in Sacramento, call your friends at Snook Skylights.

Sun Tunnel Lit Kitchen In Sacramento

Sun Tunnels for Sacramento Homes

Sun Tunnels are an excellent way to bring an abundance of natural light into your home all year. Beyond enjoying brighter, more natural, light in your home, thanks to sun tunnels you can enjoy the varying light they offer throughout the seasons and changing light during each day. Simple electric lighting isn’t able to match the dynamic lighting provided by your sun tunnel skylights.

Sun Tunnels from VELUX are designed to offer the right amount of natural light for every room of your house, from stairs and hallways to bathrooms, living rooms, storage rooms and more—on flat roofs and pitched roofs. No matter the angle of your roof, sun tunnels allow you to get light in the room you want.

Why Choose Snook Skylights
Certified VELUX 5-Star Installer

VELUX Certified
5-Star Installer

As the only certified VELUX 5-Star Installer In Sacramento we adhere to the highest certification standards and have knowledge and experience to assist customers on all VELUX products.

23+ Years

The Snook Skylights team comes from a roofing background but has Specialized in Skylights and sun tunnels for over 23 years. Our experience is simple unmatched when it comes to installing and replacing skylights.


The quality of work is always a focus and we work hard to do everything properly and to code. We do not cut corners, so you can rest assured that your skylights and sun tunnels will work for years to come and are covered under warranty

Personal Service

As a small Sacramento business we believe in unbeatable personal service. After you speak with one of our advisors you will have a written estimate and their direct line for questions.

Choose Snook Skylights for Your Sacramento Skylight Installation

Sun Tunnel Installation Illustration

Your Sacramento skylight installation depends on expertise and experience. Snook Skylights has over 35 years of professional experience in home construction to draw on in delivering your skylight installation service. We built decades of experience in roofing before focusing exclusively on Sacramento skylight services. That deep expertise in roofing means we have unparalleled knowledge of proper skylight installation and replacement.

With a true commitment to your service satisfaction, and enjoyment of your new skylights, we offer VELUX brand skylights for sales and installation. VELUX skylights are the highest quality brand for Sacramento homes and businesses. We go the extra mile in every way to provide you with the best skylight service in Sacramento. As 5-star VELUX Installers, we’ve been given a special designation by the manufacturer that recognizes us as experts in that leading brand.

Types of Sun Tunnels

While our Snook Skylights professional will work with you to determine the most appropriate skylights for your home, whether you have a tiled or slated roof, a few general rules apply based on your roof pitch.

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Benefits of Sun Tunnels in Your Sacramento Home

There are many lighting benefits to installing a sun tunnel in your home. Your Snook Skylights professional will work with you to determine which skylight features can help you maximize your enjoyment and comfort. For example, if you’re interested in creating a more diffuse light throughout a room, the Sun Tunnel Diffuser Pane with EdgeGlow, exclusively from VELUX, can help. 

Bathroom Sun Tunnel Installation

Install Almost Anywhere

We can install a VELUX sun tunnel light tube skylight in almost any room of your Sacramento home given the right amount of space between the ceiling and the roof—including kitchens, home offices, hallways, bathrooms, bedrooms and more.

Illustration: How Sun Tunnels Work

Enjoy Dynamic Natural Lighting

Sun tunnels give you access to natural light like never before in almost any room of your house. You can fill the space with direct or diffused sunlight and observe the shifting light from sunrise to sunset, including the soft passing of clouds and rich afternoon sunlight, the light of rain showers and more. Electric lamps simply can’t match the beauty and power of natural light.

Sun Tunnel Installation Example in Sacramento

Faster Installation

VELUX’s newest, redesigned line of sun tunnels features several improvements that decrease installation time considerably. Those improvements, combined with our decades of experience, mean your sun tunnel will be installed fast.

Choose Snook Skylights for your Sacramento Sun Tunnel Skylight Installation

We’re ready to serve you with over 35 years of experience. Trust your VELUX Sun Tunnel installation to us and enjoy the benefits of exceptional VELUX skylights in your home. Remember to ask us how we could be able to help you take advantage of tax credits and rebates to save money on your sun tunnel skylight installation in Sacramento