Velux Skylight and Sun Tunnel Products for Sacramento

Velux Skylights are the #1 rated skylights and sun tunnels in Sacramento. Velux skylights provide numerous benefits at a low cost to homes and commercial properties across the Sacramento Valley. With a minimal investment in a Velux skylight or sun tunnel you can enjoy abundant natural light, lowered heating and electric bills,  solar power, improved fresh air and circulation throughout your home, all while increasing the value of your Sacramento home.

Snook Skylights has been a leading roofing and construction services provider to the Sacramento region for over 35 years—and specializing in Velux skylights and sun tunnels for the past several.  When it comes to selecting your Velux skylight or sun tunnel , we’ll help you choose the best type for your home construction, interior spaces, and particular needs and install it to code. And with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can count on Snook to get the job right the first time.

The Velux skylight and sun tunnel catalogue is extensive. Here is an introduction to the Velux family of skylights available in Sacramento.

Velux Venting Skylights in Sacramento

Skylight Light Bedroom for Kids and Children

Velux Solar-Powered “Fresh Air” Skylights

These include a solar panel to capture the abundant sunlight in Sacramento, which is then transformed into energy for the concealed battery attached to the skylight. The battery is the power source for opening and closing the skylight. In case of rain, there’s a rain sensor built in that will automatically close the skylight if you’re gone.

Skylight Lit Living Room

Velux Electric “Fresh Air” Skylights

The electric model can be use for curb- or deck-mount installations. It lets in an abundance of natural light when closed and fresh air when open. A hidden rain sensor will close the skylight during inclement weather.

Skylight Lit Living Room

Velux Manual “Fresh Air” Skylights

This skylight increases natural light and, when open, helps to release stale air from the home and maintain a healthy level of humidity for an ideal indoor moisture balance. The manual option can also be installed with a deck or curb mount.

Skylight LIt Bedroom

Velux E-Class Skylights

This option allows for faster installation (approximately one-third of the usual time) thanks to one-piece extrusion. It also allows through more light than other skylights, while also providing condensation control. The standard glass in this model meets Energy Star requirements to enhance your home’s energy efficiency.

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Products 1

Velux Non-Venting Skylights in Sacramento

Skylight Light Bedroom for Kids and Children

Velux SkyMax

SkyMax maximizes the skylight size, offering up to ten feet more square footage—while maintaining thermal efficiency.

Skylight Lit Living Room

Velux Fixed Skylights

This is an excellent option for tight spaces like closets and stairwells, as it brings light into typically dark spaces.

Skylight Lit Living Room

Velux Flat Roof Skylights

These are perfect if you want a skylight that sets low on your flat or low-pitched roof.

Skylight LIt Bedroom

Velux Architectural Series

This award-winning metal-framed option is fully customizable, with various colors, configurations and glass options.

Velux Sun Tunnels

Velux Sun Tunnel Skylights can bring light into almost any area of your Sacramento home.

Sun Tunnels are easy to install on any roof type—and installation time can be reduced additionally with a tunnel connection system. These beautiful, non-color-shifting lighting options transmit natural light through reflective tunnels capped with high-impact domes.

Products 2

Velux Rigid Sun Tunnels

This Velux sun tunnel option is best for straight paths from ceiling to roof, without obstructions, with only minor maneuverability. The absence of many turns means they also deliver brighter light. Rigid sun tunnels are available in Sacramento in Pitched TMR, Low-Profile TGR, Flat-Glass TLR and Curb-Mount TCR options.